We have an unwavering philosophy of caring for brick paver projects. We treat every job no matter how large or small, as if it were our own. 

Kent J. Falby

Owner Operator
Superior Brick Paver Installations was founded by Kent J. Falby in 1997. Originally from Toronto, Canada, he learned the brick paver business. Kent has over 35 years personal installation experience, oversees all jobs and performs all estimates. Superior Brick Pavers is a family owned and operated business and do not have sales people that have never installed brick pavers. Kent assesses and prices every job himself.

Kent’s philosophy is, “How can you sell and price a paver job if you have never installed pavers yourself?”

Kent does not try to sell you something. He is specific and methodical on how the job is going to get done; properly and efficiently. He will also save time and money when possible without compromising the integrity of the job. Kent’s knowledge of the industry, expertise in the field and attention to detail far exceeds most paver installers in the Tampa Bay area due to his over 35 years’ experience personally installing brick pavers

Jennifer L Falby

Co-Owner and Business Manager

Jennifer Falby, co-owner and business manager is originally from New Jersey. She moved to Florida in 1987 and attended Florida State University where she studied business and computer graphics and design.

Jennifer initiated the internal workings of Superior Brick Pavers part time in 1998 while also working as a corporate meeting planner. She then left the corporate world in 2004 to run the business full time which was 1 year after their first daughter was born. Jennifer is a wife, mother of 2 daughters and maintains the showroom, business office and meets with each customer to select brick paver colors and shapes for each project.

Superior Brick Paver Installations, Inc. is truthfully a family owned and operated business that achieves quality work and relationships with all our customers.

Superior Brick Paver Installations, Inc.