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Brick Paver Sealant

ICT- Ure-Seal H20 is a commercial grade sealant formulated for brick pavers. Ure-Seal is water based, environmen­ tally friendly,enhances the color of the pavers and helps to clean them easier.

There is also a Natural Ure-Seal product. This sealant protects the pavers, helps to clean them easier but does NOT enhance the color. When the pavers are dry,this is how they will stay looking after the Natural Ure-Seal has been ap­ plied.

Note: Once you have decided to use the Natural Ure-Seal H20, it would be difficult to try to enhance the color if you change your mind. Stripping the brick pavers would be the process to strip, clean and re-seal. We avoid the stipping of pavers if at all possible.

Ure-Seal H20 products are for retail sale
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  • ICT - Ure-Seal H2O (2 part) (5 gal)
  • ICT - Ure-Seal H2O Natural
  • ICT - Total Super Strip HD (1gal & 5 gal)
  • ICT - Stone Show Enhancer & Invisible
  • ICT - Total Prep, Total Klean, Prime It